Best Countries to Migrate From India 2022

Best Countries to Migrate From India 2022

Moving to an alternate nation can be an energizing, extraordinary choice. However, it’s anything but a straightforward issue, and it takes a great deal of assessment, thought, and a substantial game plan to settle on the significant decision.


Migration is a good option for those who are tired of not being able to find a good job in the country. Stills, the specific countries Indians migrated to, are no longer straightforward choices. It would help if you explored your options elsewhere in this scenario. Therefore, we have listed the best country to migrate from India; consider moving if you dream of living in a land far away. 

1. Norway

The best country to migrate from India. In Northern Europe, Norway is the Republic of Northern Europe.

. Climate

Facing the Atlantic storm front, Norway’s southern and western regions face more rainfall. And they have a milder winter than those in the east and far north. There are rain shadows in the eastern part of the coastal mountains, with less total rainfall and less snow than in the west. The hottest and sunny summers are found in the lowlands around Oslo.

. Economy

It is the sixth highest GDP per capita (PPP) globally. Today, Norway ranks in monetary value. It is the second most prosperous country globally, with the most significant capital per capita. 


Due to their immigration policy, they are also liberal. But the real challenge is finding a job there. Because they already have a professional and trained staff made up of their people.

Why is Norway the best place to migrate to India?

. Immigration to Norway

This country provides the highest standard of living in the world. Attract Norway. Work and stay in this country of nature and prosperity for immigrants of all genders. Norway offers a strong labour market and a booming economy. The Norwegian government provides everything to immigrants. This has made it continue to be ranked by the United Nations as the best place to live in the world for the past eight years. An immigrant is exposed to the highest welfare rate. The Norwegian government gives everything to migrants.

2. Canada

Its ten provinces and three territories. Canada spans 9.98 million square kilometers. It makes it the second-largest nation in the world by total area.  

Canada has a socialist social welfare program for its people. Canada has a socialist welfare program for its people. It is a mecca for many Indian expatriates and has fewer restrictions on immigrants than the United States or the United Kingdom. It is the longest bi-national land border in the world. It has a southern and western border with the United States. 

There is also a greater chance of ending up in a cosmopolitan city in Canada. Indian immigrants have been a part of Canada’s life for over a century. In fact, since 1904, the first recorded record of Indians in Canada is. 

Fast forward over 100 years, with more than a million Indians in Canada in 2020. In the 2016 census, when Canada had all the members of the world. It proved that nearly 670,000 Indian citizens had been established as permanent residents. 

Since then, more than 200,000 Indians have achieved permanent resident status. And recent data shows that Canada has 220K Indian international students today apart from all NRI plus temporary work permits holders. 

Why is Canada the best to migrate? 

When it comes to the economy, Canada is above its weight. This country has the 10th largest economy, with 10 trillion. Or $ 1.6 per capita, despite having the 48,100th largest population in the world. To claim the top 38, Canada overtook Russia in 10. In contrast, Canada is famous for its sufficient natural resources. Canada also falls into the category of best countries to study abroad. 

The tech industry in Canada is growing excessively 

The technology sector is Canada’s fastest-growing industry. It has the demand for technology professionals to keep growing. Government funding and investment in the Canadian technology sector is also stable. There are grants and other resources available to help Canadian start-ups for employers looking for professional technicians. Canada is becoming a destination of choice. With celebrities like Google Labs, Toronto leads the pack.

Canadian standard visa requirements

The latitude is about 1 degree (137 kilometres or 85 miles) north of the equator. The Malay Peninsula is adjacent to the Straits of Malacca in the west.

1. Singapore

Singapore is also known as Switzerland in Asia due to its strong economy. As a financial center in Southeast Asia and an important financial center in Asia. Good connectivity with regional strategic geography. Together with its neighbors, it has further strengthened its position. This is an ideal way to access other Asian markets, attracting sizable foreign investment in the region. 


Quality of life in Singapore

Quality of Life Singapore is known for its peaceful political atmosphere. It has a low crime rate, low corruption, a good climate and a world-class education system.

It is known as a foreign-friendly city-state. There is a policy to welcome foreigners to live in the city.


Generous rules for immigration

The main explanation of why the country attracts foreigners to Singapore to live and work. Singapore is one of the countries with loose immigration regulations. Here, anyone with the necessary documents and documents can come to Singapore. Also, in Singapore, professional expatriates can quickly get a job pass.

2. Germany

The north is between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. And the Southern Alps cover an area of 357,022 square kilometers (137,847 square miles). To the south are Austria, Switzerland and France. Germany is among one of the best country to migrate from India. It borders Denmark in the north, Poland in the east, and the Czech Republic. 


Why is Germany the best place to immigrate?

Best climate

Germany was considered the fifth most lucrative country to migrate to. This is because its economy, education system, and employment outlook are well-functioning. Suppose you had a good reason to move to Germany. Foreigners can immigrate to Germany ( link to ) in a variety of ways.



Germany has a highly skilled workforce in a social market economy. It is the third-largest exporter of commodities globally and the largest national economy in Europe. 


Living expenses in Germany are extraordinary.

Living expenses (excluding rent) are about £ 2,275 per month for a family of four. It is also mentioned that there are no tuition fees in Germany. Ideal for parents and graduates who want to continue their education. The education level is top-notch, and international students can enrol for free.

3. New Zealand

In the south-western part of the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand is an island nation.

It consists of the North and South islands and about 600 small islands. It covers 103,500 square miles (268,021 square kilometres).

Why is New Zealand the best place to immigrate?

New Zealand is a truly wonderful country. People are friendly, nice weather, and the lifestyle is unbeatable.


Global reports have repeatedly shown the quality of life offered in New Zealand. Oakland was ranked 3rd in the world for “quality of life” in Mercer’s 2014 survey, and Wellington was ranked 12th. Oakland was ranked 10th out of 10 cities. In addition, the United Nations ranks New Zealand 7th out of 140 countries in the latest Human Development Index. New Zealand is a great place to visit.


These are some of the best countries to migrate from India which have lots of opportunities in terms of academics and workwise.


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