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UK Student Visa Processing Time

The continuing difficulties of the epidemic continue to have an impact on visa processing delays in the United Kingdom.  

While the number of UKVACS appointments has increased since March 2020, before the COVID-19 disruption, the high demand for all appointments, needed to maintain COVID-secure facilities. 

Applicants for a visa should seek advice on the present processing timeframes for their particular kind of application, since they may be lengthier.

Delay in UK student visa processing time



Are the UKVACS service centres available for in-country processing at the present time?  

 During the present COVID limitations, the UKVACS centres are still available for business and appointments.  

 Applicants are encouraged to check the UKVACS Service Point News before attending an appointment to ensure that the relevant centre has not been forced to shut due to inclement weather.  

 Any changes to previously scheduled interviews will be communicated to applicants through email.

Biometric information changes. 

  The United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) has said that it plans to reuse biometric information from prior applications as part of the procedure to authenticate an applicant’s identification.  

      It is anticipated that this capability, when available, would speed up processing.  

  Applicants who are eligible under the biometrics reuse policy will be asked to submit their application information to UKVI via the UKVACS IDV app  

    Applicants who have completed their online application and have been moved from Access UK to the UKVCAS website have 240 days to submit their biometrics.

    The reopening of UK visa processing centres in other countries has occurred in accordance with local limitations and rules.  

      Those centres that have remained closed are subject to a continuous assessment in order to determine if they should reopen.  

      Applicants are encouraged to verify the status of their country’s VACs on the VFS website.  

      Priority and super-priority visa services are now offered in certain locations, as well as expedited services.  

   Applicants attending interviews will be required to adhere to local public health regulations, such as social distance and temperature checks, as well as wearing a face covering or gloves in areas where VACs are open.  

     People who have signs of the COVID-19 virus on the day of their visit will be assisted in rescheduling their appointment and will be encouraged to seek medical care.  

Visa processing delays in the United Kingdom 

Most of the time, the amount of time it takes for your application to be completed may be a significant issue in determining when to submit your application and when to make your travel plans. COVID-19 limitations are still having an effect on processing.  

UK student visa processing time could vary significantly depending on factors such as the type of visa being applied for, the country or Embassy from which the application was submitted, and the applicant’s own personal circumstances and eligibility requirements. 

Service requirements for visa processing in the United Kingdom 

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is the department of the Home Office that is in charge of the country’s visa system.  

The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) establishes guidelines for processing timeframes for UK visas.  

    The vast majority of non-settlement visa applications from countries other than the United Kingdom are processed within three weeks, 98 percent within six weeks, and 100 per cent within 12 weeks after the submission date.

      Settlement applications from outside the United Kingdom were processed in 98.5 percent of cases within 12 weeks of the application date and in 100 per cent of cases within 24 weeks.

      Applications to temporarily stay in the United Kingdom must be submitted within 8 weeks.

 Individuals from Turkey who want to apply for asylum under the European Community Association Agreement and right of residence must do so within six months.

      Within 6 months, a non-EEA national family member must submit an application for a resident card or permanent residence card on their behalf.

      Application for indefinite permission to stay (ILR) or no time limit (NTL) from inside the United Kingdom must be submitted within six months.  

The processing date begins when the UKVI receives your application and ends when the application is approved.  

This does not apply to the issuance of Biometric Residence Permits, which are exempt from these requirements (BRP).  

When a decision is reached on your application, you can expect to get your BRP within 7 working days. 

Is it possible to get expedited or premium services? 

Due to the pandemic, priority service and super-priority services for specific apps were temporarily suspended. These services have since been restored.  

A fee of £500 is charged for priority processing, which guarantees a judgement within five days. At a cost of £800, super-priority processing will result in a judgement in 1-2 working days. 

Application for Certificate of Sponsorship and Changes of Circumstances processing times 

At the moment, UKVI is experiencing severe delays in the processing of CoS applications submitted via the standard service.  

Sponsors should be aware that requests for CoS allocations are presently taking many weeks, and in some instances months, to process.  

It is still possible for A-rated sponsors to get priority processing for fast-tracked CoS allocation and other Change of Circumstances requests.  

However,  there is a cost of £200 for each application. Priority requests are typically handled within 5 working days of being received.  

study abroad with scholarship  

You ought to get a choice on your visa inside 3 weeks once you either go to your arrangement at the visa application Center or utilize the ID Check application, in case you are applying for a: 

      Short Term Study Visa  

      Student visa  

      Child Student visa  

On the off chance that you confirm your character at a visa application Center you might have the option to get your visa quicker or different administrations relying upon what nation you’re in – check with your visa application Center. 

What impact can the time of year and other variables have on the UK student visa processing time 


There are a variety of additional variables that may influence the processing duration of your UK visa application. These are some examples:  

1.    Caseload  

Applicants should be aware that processing times are longer than in previous years owing to an increase in activity at UKVI.  

2.    Where you submit your application  

Because of a variety of factors, the country from which you apply for your UK visa may have an impact on the processing time. These factors include the relationship and arrangements between the UK and your country, etc.  

3.    Information that is insufficient or inaccurate  

Processing time may be extended if UKVI pauses processing to get more information from you before making an immigration decision if your application contains inaccurate information or inadequate documents.  

In this case, the processing time may be extended beyond what you anticipate.  

The most effective method to prevent this is to carefully review your application and verify that you have all of the required paperwork on hand before you submit it to the agency.  

Priority services – get a faster decision  

Collection within 5 working days (priority service)  

      In the event that you confirm your personality at a visa application focus and the assistance is accessible in the nation you are applying from. 

   You can pick the ‘need administration’ when you apply. There will be an extra expense for this assistance.  

   A choice will be made inside 5 working days of your arrangement at the visa application focus.  

  Check with your visa application focus to check whether the needed visa administration is accessible in the nation you are applying from.  

      The need for visa administration is accessible in many nations.  

Following day assortment ( priority service)  

     On the off chance that you check your character at a visa application and the help is accessible in the nation you are applying from.  

      There will be an extra expense for this assistance.  

  Check with your visa application focus to check whether the super need visa administration is accessible in the nation you’re applying from.  

Because of the current pandemic situation, the delay in UK Student Visa Processing is inevitable. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself updated with the current updates


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