Types of Universities in UK for Indian students

You may get confused when you look for universities in UK for Indian students to study abroad. Mainly because many international students often have difficulty deciding which types of universities in UK they should look for. To make things a little easier, we’ll run you through the different types of top universities in UK for masters.

We have already discussed why study in UK, now we will help you finalise your ideal type of UK university which fits best for you

There are numerous top, high-ranking and traditional universities with amazing quality of life and exposure in the UK. It is a daunting task to select the perfect university among the top universities in UK. If you are looking to do an MBA in UK for Indian students then read along and find your dream university.

Ancient Universities in UK

The United Kingdom is home to the most ancient universities in the world. Established between 1096 to 1582, these are among the first standard higher education institutions of the English-speaking world. These universities offer tutorials, lectures that help students to connect with faculty in smaller and separate groups. These UK universities are the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, founded in the 12th century. The earliest being the University of Oxford founded in 1096 and the latest of the ancient universities is the University of Dublin founded in 1592. Initially, most of the top universities in UK for masters taught language and songs. They introduced liberal education that laid the seed for academic research and development we see today. 

Russell Group of Universities

Established in 1994, the Russell Group represents 24 leading study in UK universities for Indian students that are committed to provide research-led, outstanding learning experience to all students. Formed in the 1800s, it includes England’s oldest and most prestigious universities. The Russell Group Universities receive two- thirds of all research grants funding from the British government. If you want to study in UK then these are the top universities in UK for masters as they are popular among international students for their high-quality education, innovative teaching methods, excellent student experience and world-class research output. 

Red Brick Universities

The Red Brick Universities, formally known as Civic Universities, were a group of institutions founded in major British industrial cities during the 19th century to suffice the growing demand for university-level study in subject areas like science, technology, design, and engineering. The most attractive quality of Red Brick Universities in UK lies in their location as they are built in the middle of the cities on undefined campuses. These universities focus on science and engineering streams. If you want to do an MBA in UK for Indian students, then international students can gain an exceptional education from these universities.

Plate-Glass Universities

During the 1960s, the British government commissioned the Robbins report which declared that there were too few universities in UK. This gave way to several new and progressive universities at that time. Founded between 1963-92 to increase the number of top universities in UK for masters, Plate Glass universities in UK took initiatives to update the syllabus, teaching methods, examination, administration, and discipline. These universities shot to fame as Plate Glass universities because of the stunning glass buildings and modern architecture.

Modern Universities

Any university that was established or granted university status after 1992 is a Modern University. These universities are relatively younger than their older, more experienced counterparts, but they are no less in educational quality. With new and innovative teaching methods, they strive to provide top-quality education.

Are you confused on how to choose the right university?

The ideal study in UK university should have a welcoming community and multicultural environment. It should have an impressive campus with a mix of buildings and workspaces. It should provide an excellent learning experience so that you graduate with a rewarding degree. There are pros and cons to each type of university to study in UK for Indian students. The choice is yours, the UK has a fantastic mix of different universities so there’s something for everyone.


You’ll be moving to the other side of the world, so you need to make sure that you choose the right universities in UK for Indian students which suit your wants and needs.  Researching on your own can be an exhausting task, and may feel further confused. You need not worry. Orient Spectra is here to help you. Our experienced education experts can guide you to find the right university for you. 



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