How Much Does It Really Cost to Study in the UK? A Guide for Indian Students

Study in the UK

Studying in the UK offers a unique opportunity to experience a rich academic tradition, diverse culture, and vibrant social life. The UK is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, including the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London, among others.

Every year, universities attract a significant number of students from around the world who aspire to pursue their dream careers in vibrant UK cities such as London, Dublin, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. This article aims to simplify your financial decisions during your higher education journey in the UK, ensuring you can focus on your studies without the burden of daily expense calculations. Let’s delve into the costs associated with studying in the UK, including the student visa fees applicable for Indian applicants.

Study in the UK

Cost for Study in the UK

You need to know and plan accordingly once you receive an offer, as there are some crucial elements related to the cost of studying in the UK. These elements include tuition fees,  accommodation, and travel costs. Let’s delve into these costs in detail:


Cost in UK

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate: £ 8000 – £ 30000
Postgraduate: £ 12000 – £ 35000

Tier 4 Visa

£ 1015 per month as proof of sufficient funds


£ 350 to £ 550 / month


£ 40 / month

Tuition Fees for UK Undergraduate Programs

The following table presents the average fees for various undergraduate courses in the UK, which can vary depending on several factors such as the specific study abroad program, university choice, and whether the student is from the UK or international.


Average Annual Fees


£ 15258 – £ 20980 


£ 9536 – £ 14304


£ 14304 – £ 17165

Diploma Courses

£ 9536 – £ 14304 

Fees for UK Postgraduate Courses

Postgraduate courses in the UK can vary in cost based on several factors, including the specific study abroad program you choose, the university you select, and whether you are an international or UK student. The following table displays the average costs for a variety of PG courses in the UK.



Average Annual Fees


£ 13351 – £ 19072


£ 9536 – £ 1500000


£ 9536 – £ 4000000

Management Courses 

£ 8582 – £ 33377


£ 12397 – £ 33377

Disclaimer: The fees provided above are for reference purposes only. Actual tuition fees may vary based on the course and university selected.

Cost of Study in the UK

Student Visa Charges to study in the UK

Another cost of study abroad is the student visa fee. If you are planning to Study in UK, you must note that an Indian student requires a Tier 4 visa. Visa requirements demand that tuition fees for the first academic year must be paid in full or evidence must be submitted proving that you have sufficient funds to cover the first year’s tuition fees. This increases the cost of studying in Britain for Indian students.

Along with that, you need to submit documents to prove that you have funds amounting to 9 months’ worth of living costs. You need to show that you can adequately pay £ 1015 per month if living outside London or £ 1265 per month if living in London for 9 months.

Taxes and Insurance

Part-time jobs provide international students in the UK with the best means to manage daily living costs. All Indian students studying in the UK can work for 20 hours per week during their academic sessions and full-time during vacations.

However, if international students work in the UK while completing their studies, they must pay national insurance and tax:

  • National Insurance: You must pay National Insurance if you earn more than £166 per week.
  • Income Tax: You must pay income tax if you earn more than £1,042 per week.

Additionally, students need to be insured, which requires a monthly premium of approximately £15 to £25. Other personal expenses such as study equipment, books, clothes, hygiene, etc., amount to around £100 per month


Top scholarships for Indian Students to Study Masters In UK 

There is a wide range of scholarships available for Indian students who wish to pursue higher studies in the UK. These scholarships are essential for financing your education and covering living expenses while studying abroad. Here are some of the top scholarships you should consider

Here are the best grants for Indian understudies to pursue Master’s in UK:

  1. English Chevening Scholarships for International Scholarships 
  2. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Scholarship 
  3. Extraordinary Scholarships 
  4. A.S Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship 
  5. Felix Scholarships 
  6. Rhodes Scholarship 
  7. Ward Scholarship and Fellowship Plan 
  8. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships (CWIT) 
  9. Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships 
  10. Inlaks Scholarships 
  11. Scotland Saltire Scholarships
To know more about the Scholorships to study abroad in Uk read Turn Your Dream to Study in UK into a reality

Cost-Saving Tips for Students Studying in the UK

Here are essential guidelines for managing living expenses in the UK as an international student. To begin, create a detailed budget outlining all your expenditures. Upon receiving your loan or scholarship funds, avoid spending them hastily. Consider these practical budgeting recommendations to effectively save money during your studies in the UK:

  1. Utilize spare time for part-time employment opportunities.
  2. Opt for cost-effective public transportation options for commuting, which also provide access to distant locations.
  3. Renting vehicles such as bicycles or scooters is preferable to purchasing them outright.


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