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Settlement opportunities after masters in Germany for Indian students

Settlement opportunities after masters in Germany for Indian students

Germany is globally acknowledged as the hub for budding industries. With the rise in economic growth in the country, there is an increasing demand for skilled employees. This makes Germany the hot spot for a bright career. If you want to go to the best engineering universities in Germany but are concerned about the settlement and career possibilities after that, then continue reading the article and find out the various opportunities you can get if you take a leap towards your dreams and study in europe.


Germany is home to many of the world’s top companies, so there are a lot of lucrative and growing job opportunities there. Companies like BMW, Porsche, Daimler, and Volkswagen offer handsome pay and a diverse work environment to graduates across different fields. Be it management or engineering, you can get a top-notch job in Germany as an engineer, sales manager, HR, or quality inspector in an automobile company.

Aside from automobiles, companies such as Bayer and Fraunhofer Gesellschaft provide excellent job opportunities to students interested in medical research and development, as well as the biotech field. There is a high demand for medical professionals in Germany and other European countries too. With cutting-edge technology and innovative minds around you, you will have a comfortable work environment, which will assist in your career growth. Siemens is the largest industrial manufacturing company based in Munich. With lots of different sectors meshed together into one business, they have their fingers in many different pies, including industry, energy, and healthcare.

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You can look into jobs in actuarial science and management, such as regional manager, environmental health and safety manager, and business manager. If you want to build a career in finance, then companies like the European Central Bank, Commerzbank, and Allianz provide job opportunities even to non-German-speaking graduates. Germany has a very broad insurance industry, and actuaries are in high demand. The management consulting firm Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, which is based in Munich, is known around the world as the market leader in Germany. The company offers many benefits, including healthcare insurance and an MBA programme where the company pays for your tuition fees. Study in Germany and work alongside! 

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Germany is in the middle of Europe. It has one of the highest living standards in the world, as well as a diverse economy and high average salaries. It has a lot of scope for upcoming legal consultants and lawyers. As German laws are quite complex, a person with a good command of legal knowledge and know-how has a great future ahead of them. And you can take your career to new heights with the aviation jobs offered by German airlines. Germany is the home of many airlines, including Lufthansa, Airbus, etc., and there is good demand for pilots and hospitality staff. It is the most exciting job with its own benefits, like traveling. 

The electronics industry of Germany has business giants like Infineon Technologies and Bosch, which offer high salaries to their employees in the most prominent locations of Germany like Frankfurt, Munich, and Berlin, which is the tech capital of Europe. It’s not only important for employees to be comfortable where they work; companies also benefit from a happy, productive workforce.

With so many options to choose from, you can easily pick your field of interest and work towards your goals. Discover Germany’s comfortable and challenging way of life by enrolling in top programs offered by various universities in Germany. If you are looking for the best consultancy for study in Germany, visit our website, Orient Spectra.


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