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Good news for Indian students! The UK cuts cost of covid-19 test on arrival

UK government has decreased the price of the paid test for Indian travellers. India is still on the amber list for the UK, so, Indian passengers travelling to the UK have to take the paid test just after their arrival. Previously, the price of this paid test was 88 pounds (9,055Rs). It was a quite huge amount and the UK government was receiving complaints about that. Especially from the students. That’s why the government reduced the amount to 66 pounds ( 6,791Rs).

For red-listed countries, hotel quarantine is still mandatory but as India has upgraded to the Amber list, it saved thousands of Indian students from spending 1,750 pounds. Though hotel quarantine is not mandatory now for Indian passengers, they have to quarantine themselves at their place of stays like university hostels, Pgs or any other place. The Department of health and social care stated to PTI that the price reduction will not affect the countries from the red list. 

The UK was always one of the most appreciated study destinations for Indian students. This year, the acceptance of Indian students in the colleges of the UK is 19 per cent more than the previous year. 3,200 students from India are accepted in the UK which is an impressive number. 

Because of the pent-up demand, the cause of Delhi-London airfare route has become costlier than ever and it becomes a matter of concern. Many people found out that the price fair has reached around 4 lakh which is a huge amount. That’s why the civil aviation ministry requested travellers to check the fare direct from the main website of the airlines and not from the search engines as they do not always show the present fare. 

At present, as India has upgraded to the Amber list, the number of flights between these two countries has increased and that’s why it is expected that the ticket price will decrease soon.

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