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Despite Covid 19, 91% of Indian Students Chose To Study Abroad

When the covid-19 pandemic took place, many students had to postpone their dreams to study abroad. UNESCO cleared that despite the restrictions across the world 91% of Indian students still have chosen to study abroad. One of the major reasons behind this is better healthcare, reported by 71% of students. 

As per MAE ( Ministry of external affairs), until Feb 28/2021, 71,769 students have been reported to move abroad this year. In the previous year, the number was 261,406. It is clear that the pandemic put an effect on this number as in 2019, the number was 588,931. 

Due to the pandemic, the learning process of institutions had become mostly dependent on online platforms. This process has made a drastic change in the mindset of students across the globe. 

On the other hand, the unlock policies and abolishing restrictions across the globe have made it easier for students to plan their study abroad. 

According to the 2021 QS, an international student survey has shown that students nowadays are looking for a study destination with a complete package. 

The USA is still a popular destination for students but on the other hand, top universities of the country have seen a decrease in the number of applications in 2020. 

On the other hand, countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada are getting more popular among the students. 

One of the biggest reasons behind this is the healthcare offered by the government to their student population no matter which country they belong to. 

Besides that, fewer travel boundaries and fewer cases of covid-19 also matter. 

Indian students can know about popular study destinations and future destinations like Ireland, UAE etc. They can also know about over 34,000 universities and over 1,50,000 courses from study abroad experts including guidelines. 

According to recent reports, 33% of students are thinking about switching their study destination and some think that they would like to continue after the situation gets normal. 

Over 91% of Indian students are still planning to study abroad in 2021 but in most cases, they are switching their study destination. 

A report says, in 2018, 7,50,000 students out of 5 million students who wanted to study abroad were Indians. Nowadays countries like Ireland, New Zealand are getting the privilege of fewer Covid-19 cases and travel bans. 

Countries like the UK and Canada are offering pro-student policies that are attracting students. Assurance of a better future is what students are really looking forward to. 

On other hand, according to a study, 29% of international students are showing less interest in studying in the USA and 67% of international students would like to study in Canada. 

Though because of Covid, Canada has banned Indian students, the easier visa policies and immigration-friendly policies are attracting Indian students to study there. 

For the Graduate Immigration route which allows students to stay back in the UK for job experience, the second preference of Indian students in the UK. Most of the Indian students planning to study abroad have chosen Canada and the UK as destinations.

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