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Australia has emerged as one of the world’s leading global education attracting international students from all over the world.

Students graduating from Australian universities are highly sought after all over the globe, according to statistics, since degrees granted by Australian institutions are highly regarded internationally.

So, what precisely is it about graduate school that has so many students flocking to the southern United States?

Important reasons that contribute to Australia’s status as one of the most popular destinations for foreign students

Here is a summary of the most important reasons that contribute to Australia’s status as one of the most popular destinations for foreign students:


1.A diverse selection of courses

Beyond the more well-known STEM and business courses, there are many choices available in fields as varied as hospitality, the humanities, cuisine, and wildlife preservation.


2.Research and Development Expenditures

Australia is projected to spend about 27 per cent of its total spending on research & development, with 78 percent of it spent on fundamental research.


3.Student body with a diverse range of interests and backgrounds

Given its position as one of the world’s fastest-growing economies among industrialised countries, Australia has drawn foreign students from across the globe, transforming the country into a melting pot of cultures.


4.Education at an Affordable Price

Studying in Australia is a desirable choice due to the cheap cost of tuition, which is considerably lower than that of nations like Canada and the United Kingdom.


5.Shortcut to Public Relations

It is one of the most certain and cost-effective ways to obtain an Australian Permanent Residency, and it will assist you in obtaining the necessary points to move as a Skilled Worker.


6.Employment Possibilities

As Australia has one of the fastest expanding economies among industrialised countries, foreign students have a plethora of possibilities to discover rewarding job prospects.

Most popular Australian universities for postgraduate study

The following are some of the most well-known Australian universities, ranked according to their worldwide popularity for Master’s degree programmes.


QS Ranking


Student Percentage

Popular Program

Total Fees (AUD)

University of Melbourne



MS in Computer Science


Australian National University



Masters of Computing


University of Sydney



MS in Mechanical Engineering


University of Queensland



MS in Computer Science


UNSW Sydney



MS in Mechanical Engineering


Monash University



MS in Information Technology


University of Adelaide



MS in Civil & Structural Engineering


Queensland University of Technology



MS Information Technology


The following are some of the most well-known Australian universities, ranked according to their worldwide popularity for Master’s degree programmes

Eligibility for MS in Australia

  1. The three-year degree method is accepted by the majority of Australian universities for enrollment into various postgraduate programmes.
  2. A qualification comparable to an Australian Bachelor’s Degree is required by a small number of institutions and postgraduate programmes.
  3. Having completed your four-year graduation course and an additional year of academic study after completing your three-year graduation course, you will have completed 16 years of formal education.
  4. Most universities need excellent first division grades in your undergraduate degree from a prestigious Indian institution or its equivalent in order to consider you for admission.
  5. It is essential that you have previously taken the IELTS test and obtained a score of at least 6.5 bands (overall). Obtaining a score of 7 on the IELTS exam increases your chances of obtaining a work visa.
  6. Graduate Management Admission Exam (GMAT) is needed if you want to pursue a Masters degree in Management (M.Ba) at one of Australia’s business schools (GMAT). However, although this is not required, certain schools may request a copy of the score.

The academic year in Australia

In Australia, the academic year runs from September to June. The Australian academic year starts in February, with the first day of classes.

  1. There are two teaching semesters, from February to June and July to November, that are covered by this programmer.
  2. Masters courses are often accessible to begin in either February or July, but certain professional courses are only available to begin in the first semester of the academic year in which they are offered (February).
  3. Those who are used to an academic year starting in September may find it odd to begin their Master’s degree in February (this is especially true if they are already enrolled as an undergraduate student who expects to complete in the summer).
    You shall have plenty of time to organise your application before your degree begins (subject to the conditions of your visa, of course).

Kinds of Masters


The course is conveyed through instructing as well as examination with the last accommodation of exposition or a task.

Course adjustment Masters:

Planning to change your flood of study or learn new subjects? These projects offer establishing in the center standards for the new subjects.

Professional :

Previous experience being the way to affirmations in these projects, proficient experts are typically preparing and expertise based degrees.

Visa Requirements

  1. Your Australian understudy visa may be acknowledged whether you satisfy the accompanying least prerequisites:
  2. Get electronic Certificate of Enrollment (eCOE) 
  3. Meet the certifiable brief contestant prerequisites
  4. Confirmation of adequate assets: According to the Australian government, the average cost for basic items for worldwide understudies that should be reflected in their monetary status is 21,000 AUD/year.
  5. Meet ELP prerequisites 
  6. Meet wellbeing and character prerequisites

Fees for master’s degrees in Australia

Because individual universities, rather than the government, determine postgraduate tuition fees in Australia.

  1. You will discover a broad variety of prices across various schools and programmer.
  2. Tuition costs for citizens of Australia and New Zealand are cheaper than those charged to foreign students studying in those countries. 
  3. International students may expect to pay between AUD $22,000 and AUD $50,000 per year (USD $15,100-34,305) for programmers that range between AUD $22,000 and $50,000.
  4. Masters programmers in the arts and humanities will be at the lower end of this scale, while science-based programmers will be at the higher end of this scale.
  5. Subjects such as Veterinary Science and Medicine may have even higher average scores than this.

What is the scope of MS in Australia?

A significant number of foreign students come to Australia to continue their professions because of the country’s open immigration and welcoming regulations.

  1. Another benefit for foreign students is the ease with which they may get a post-study work visa after completing their Master’s degree in Australia.
  2. The breadth of employment after completing an MS in Australia is largely reliant on the speciality or programme that the student chooses.
  3. The average income in Australia is about 91,600 Australian dollars.
  4. Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in the same area may anticipate a 29 per cent increase in their average yearly earnings upon completion of a Master’s degree in the same subject
  5. Annual average wages have risen during a three-year period from 2016 to 2019, according to the projection for pay trends.
  6. The minimum hourly pay in Australia is about 44 Australian dollars (AUD) per hour worked.
  7. The average annual salary (AUD) by City MS in Australia may range from about 40,000 to 70,000 AUD/year, without considering the cost of living in the country. 
  8. In Australia, the average pay package for a master’s student is about 91,000 Australian dollars.
  9. This indicates that MS in Australia provides a high rate of return on your investment, making it a profitable programmers to enroll in and pursue.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How much does it cost to pursue MS in Australia?
  2. The expense of contemplating MS in Australia can go from 20,000 AUD to 50,000 AUD. This is comparable to 9,41,000 to 23,53,000 INR.
  3. Is MS in Australia a good option?
  4. MS in Australia gets one of the greatest global applications. In the event that you anticipate getting comfortable in the Country, your certification might add to the PR focus. The nation has not been influenced incredibly by the financial downturn and is showing improvement over nations like the USA and Canada. MS in Australia costs significantly not exactly a MS in the USA or Canada.
  5. What are the requirements to do MS in Australia?
  6. The base qualification incorporates finishing of a four year college education from a perceived establishment, English language capability scores, and state sanctioned grades like GRE/GMAT (whenever needed by your decision of college).
  7. Is GRE required for MS in Australia?
  8. It is anything but an obligatory necessity for the vast majority of the Australian colleges offering a MS degree. However a portion of the highest level colleges might request your GRE score, giving the score regardless of whether not needed will increase the value of your application bundle.

    How long does it take for an MS in Australia to complete?
  9. MS in Australia takes around 1-2 years to finish contingent on the specialization or the program you have decided on


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