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Most Asked Questions Regarding The WORLD EDUCATION FAIR 2023


We know you know about the World Education Fair 2023 by Orient Spectra. You know we know about your overseas education dreams. We know you have some questions and apprehensions. So we have curated a small list of FAQs which will clear away the clouds of doubts and help you make clear and focused decisions.

What is the WORLD EDUCATION FAIR 2023?

The WORLD EDUCATION FAIR 2023 is the biggest abroad education fair in Hyderabad, India. In this overseas education fair 50+ top university delegates from over 8+ countries will participate and provide their expert guidance along with free on spot profile evaluation.

What is so special about this fair?

If you enrol for the study fair you can attend the special SEMINAR on abroad education trends. There will be delegates of top universities from your favourite study abroad destination; USA, UK, CANADA, DUBAI, GERMANY, FRANCE, IRELAND, AUSTRALIA etc.  

For more insight on the event check out HOW IS A WORLD EDUCATION FAIR 2023 BENEFICIAL TO YOU on our website.

Do I need to pay any registration fees?

There is NO ENTRY FEE for the education fair. Yes, you can walk in free of cost to attend the abroad education fair. 

Although there are no fees you do *need to register* in order to save time at the venue and avoid any hassle. Thus, providing you all a fair access to higher education through this abroad education fair.

How do I know if I am eligible? Is it for UG or PG programs?

world education fair

Well, the basic eligibility criteria for registering for the study abroad education fair is that you have to be a 12th graduate, if you are seeking guidance for undergraduate courses abroad

The WORLD EDUCATION FAIR 2023 caters to the needs of both UG & PG students. So whether you want to pursue your Undergraduate degree abroad or Master’s degree abroad, you can readily sign up for this global education fair 2023.

I might get intimidated alone, can I bring along someone?

Yes, obviously. Your family plays an important role in the decision making. So bring them along for some tete-a-tete. Also You and your Bestie can plan your study abroad adventure together so share this blog with them too. 


The more, the merrier. 😄


Don’t worry, there will be scholarships and application fees waivers you can avail. There will also be several bank representatives present there to counsel and assist you regarding education loans

If you are unsure about how to finance your study abroad dreams, attend the international education fair by ORIENT SPECTRA.


Do I have to bring any documents to the event?


Please bring copies of your academic documents i.e. graduation or school certificates, transcript, IELTS certificate, passport, CV, personal statement (if available) etc. This will assist you for the on spot profile assessment and university enrolment. 


These are just a few queries one has when attending such study fairs. If you have any more specific doubts then feel free to contact us via our website or social media channels. Our counsellors will seamlessly guide you through the clouds of doubt in your head.


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