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Study Abroad Scholarships For Indian Students

Scholarships for international students to study in other countries are available from hundreds of universities and institutions in more than 50 countries. The most prevalent forms of student assistance include merit-based, need-based, discipline-specific, and minority-focused scholarships, to name a few examples. So we’ve put together a list 

scholarships to study abroad for Indian students To learn anywhere

Study in North America or Europe with a scholarship from the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation. The applicant’s age and place of residence are important considerations. It is suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Additionally, there are certain limitations.


  • Scholarships for Asian Students in Japan – Aichi Scholarship Program Scholarships for Indian students enrolled in government-approved manufacturing programs in Japan’s Aichi Prefecture.
  • Researchers from India in science and technology domains may apply for grants from DST A*STAR to study in Singapore. The Indian government and A*Star Singapore are providing financial support for this event.
  • Full MA Scholarship for International Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) – Master of Arts in International Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University in Hong Kong is open to nationals of India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
  • A Scholarship Program for Asian Students in Thailand – HM King and HM Queen’s Scholarships Scholarships from the Thai government to the Asian Institute of Technology for Indian nationals studying at the master’s level in engineering and technology, management, or environmental and development (AIT).
  • Students from India may apply for scholarships via the Silk-Road Scholarship Program at Seoul National University, which provides funding for graduate-level humanities and social science studies at Seoul National University.


  • The University of Adelaide is a public research university in Adelaide, Australia. Students from India may apply for the Ashok Khurana Scholarship, which is available for postgraduate study at the University of Adelaide in particular fields.
  • Full-tuition overseas scholarships for Indian students enrolled in the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law at the University of Queensland in Australia for masters or undergraduate degrees. The MBA is omitted.
  • The Future of Change India Scholarship at the University of New South Wales Indian citizens who have been admitted into UNSW Sydney’s undergraduate or postgraduate programs are eligible for a scholarship. You will be required to upload a video of yourself outlining how the scholarship will help you achieve your objectives as part of your application.
  • Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships – University of Queensland Students from India and Latin America may apply for these scholarships to pursue coursework-based postgraduate studies in biology.

Scholarship in Europe

Below are some of the study abroad with scholarship options  in Europe for Indian students. 


  • There are funding options for Indian graduate students studying at University College Dublin in Ireland via the UCD Global Graduate Scholarships for Indian Students.

The Netherlands

  • For Indian students who want to study in the Netherlands at the bachelor’s or master’s level, the Orange Tulip Scholarship offers grants.


A scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in France via Campus France’s Charpak program. You must be 30 years old or younger, enrolled in school, or working in India. Ph.D. candidates may also apply for the Raman Charpak Scholarship, which provides funding for up to six months of research in a French university.

The UK

  • Scholarships from the British Council for Indian Students – The British Council offers several scholarships to Indian students who want to study in the UK.
  • Charles Wallace India Trust offers a scholarship program for Indian students who want to study in the United Kingdom. Doctoral students, postdoctoral fellows, and other researchers are welcome.
  • Scholarships for Indian students at Heriot-Watt SML International Merit Scholarships – Awarded to Indian postgraduate students enrolled in the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society at Heriot-Watt University in the United Kingdom.
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) offers five Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme (CSSS) grants to overseas students from commonwealth nations, including India (LSE).
  • Agatha Harrison’s Tribute An Indian government fellowship is available to Indian students studying history, economics, or politics at Oxford University’s St. Antony’s College. You may use the fellowship to pay for tuition, books, and living expenses. These fellowships are only open to the best and brightest postdoctoral researchers globally.
  • Scholarships offered by the Oxford and Cambridge Society of India (OCSI) for study at Oxford or Cambridge in the United Kingdom are available to Indian students of any degree level.
  • Students from Canada, the United States, India, and China may apply for Saltire Scholarships to study in Scotland at any degree level.
  • Ratan Tata is a well-known businessman. Scholarships for South Asian Students at LSE – The London School of Economics (LSE) Asia Research Centre offers scholarships to South Asian social science students (ARC).
  • Scholarships for Indian students at the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom are available via the Sussex India Scholarships program.
  • School of Business and Economics at Bournemouth University Master’s Students – Dean’s Scholarships The Bournemouth University in the United Kingdom offers five scholarships to overseas students wishing to pursue a taught master’s degree there. There is a 50 percent discount on tuition for students from Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, China, India, and South Korea.
  • The University of Lincoln India Scholarship offers a £5,000 tuition discount to deserving Indian postgraduate students.
  • Oxford University Scholarships for Indian Students – Felix Scholarship Program Opportunities for Indian graduate students at Oxford University to get financial assistance.


  • Scholarships for Indian students at the University of Sheffield are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students who demonstrate academic excellence.
  • Southampton Solent University LLM International Scholarships – International scholarships to study law at the University of Southampton’s postgraduate level. Open to all students, including those from countries outside the EU.
  • The University of the West of England’s Bristol campus gives scholarships to students from several countries, including India, including undergraduate and postgraduate tuition cost reductions.

United States of America

  • An undergraduate business degree at an authorized US institution is available to female Asian students via the Asian Women in Business Scholarship Fund.
  • Admission to the Chicago Booth School of Business is open to Indian citizens who want to pursue a full-time MBA degree. The Ramakrishnan Family Fellowship and the Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship are available to those who apply.
  • Indian nationals who have been accepted into an undergraduate program at Cornell are eligible for the Cornell University Tata Scholarship.
  • Outstanding Indian students may apply for a Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship, which provides financial support for their studies at any level at a recognized US university. You may find specific requirements for each scholarship there.


  • Study in a U.S. university under the S.N. Bose Scholars program for Indian students — Master’s or higher-level researchers from India may apply to study in the United States.
  • Students from India are eligible for Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships. Indian students may apply for MBA scholarships at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Students must return to India within two years after finishing their studies to consider the scholarship.


There are several scholarships to study abroad for Indian students, and you may be wondering if you’re applying for the ideal one that would help you achieve your educational goals. Get in contact with us, and our counselors will help you find the fully funded scholarships for Indian students that best meets your requirements. Mentors who have traveled this route previously can assist you in navigating it more efficiently.


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