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Overseas Education in USA or Canada, choose your pick!

Overseas Education in USA or Canada, choose your pick!

The US and Canada are the two most preferred countries for students to pursue their MS in abroad. However, the conflict between the United States and Canada for masters education is a long-standing issue. Well, master’s programmes in both of these countries are quite well recognised, so discussed below are some points to help you with your decision.

Study in USA vs Study in Canada

When we talk about masters and STEM courses in particular, no other country can beat the top universities in USA for MS. The excellent research facilities, comprehensive curriculum, a wider choice of specialisations, and internship opportunities are some of the factors that contribute to its supremacy as a top destination for MS. Moreover, obtaining a degree from top-ranking US universities opens the door to innumerable employment opportunities.

Canada is also considered one of the best MS destinations for students. The number of international students in Canada has been increasing over the years owing to its academic excellence and internationally acclaimed education system. Affordability and extensive research are two very important factors that make Canada a favourable option to pursue MS. Apart from this, top universities in Canada for masters and a welcoming immigration policy all contribute to the country’s attractiveness – while some countries are raising barriers, Canada is rolling out the red carpet to international students, demonstrating its commitment to education and an openness to immigration.

Course Structure

The first factor to consider in deciding Canada vs USA for masters is comparing the quality of education. 

The US is world-renowned for the quality of its education. MS in USA for Indian students, especially in the STEM fields, is the most preferred choice. The country has a strong reputation for having the highest standards of teaching, research, technology, and innovation. This makes it an ideal spot for students with a research bent. Not only this, but some of the most influential tech and research universities in the world are located in the US.  Canada is being increasingly seen as one of the top MS destinations. The MS degree obtained from top universities in Canada for masters is acknowledged worldwide as being one of the best. Canada’s quality of education in both thesis and non-thesis masters’ programmes is extremely research-oriented.
The teaching is course-based and practical in both countries. It requires about 30 to 36 credit hours per week.   In Canada, the course lasts for up to 1–2 years. The students can opt for additional internships while studying any post graduation courses in Canada to build their resumes. Interactive teaching methods are used to educate the students, such as site visits, projects, and group work. Students can also opt for cooperative education programmes and paid experience in placements. The academic year in Canada is from September to April. MS courses in the USA last for 1.5–2 years, while it may take up to 3–6 years for some courses. There are regular assessments and training programmes throughout the academic year, which is from September to June. Some top universities in USA for MS allow students to work part-time in their own field to gain experience. An important thing to remember here is that these attributes may differ between courses and institutions.

Admission Requirements for International Students

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The admission and application processes for master’s courses are quite similar, while the main point of difference lies in what is needed with the application form. Admissions in Canada universities are based mainly on your grades. Admissions in USA colleges require a set of documents, such as a set of essays, a statement of purpose (SOP), proof of extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, etc., as part of the application process. To begin the process, select a college based on the course you desire. Fill up the application forms and submit the required documents to the college. After you receive your acceptance letter, begin with the visa process or study permit application.

Tuition Fees for International Students

While the amount of tuition fees varies between universities and programs, the USA has an expensive fee structure, whereas the cost in Canada is relatively less. MS in USA for Indian students can cost upto 20,000-45,000 USD and 10,000-35,000 CAD (approx.) in Canada approximately.  An MBA programme can cost up to 32,000–110,000 USD (approx.) in the USA and MBA in Canada for Indian students can cost upto 16,000–80,000 CAD.

Cost of Living

Studying abroad includes various other costs apart from tuition fees. These add a substantial amount to the overall expenses. Here is a tentative look at these costs:

study in foreign country

Top Universities

Some of the best universities for MS in the world are located in the US and Canada. Here’s an overview of the top colleges in both countries:

Top Universities in the US for MS

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Top University in Canada for Masters

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Course Specializations

Both countries offer a varied range of courses to students. Following is a list of popular STEM-related courses provided by the top colleges.

best mba colleges in usa for indian students


We hope this article answers all your doubts regarding the best country to study abroad for Indian students but if you are still confused, sign up for a free counselling session with Orient Spectra, the best study abroad consultants in India. Our expert counsellors will guide you throughout the process and you will be all ready to embark on your study overseas journey.


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