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Guide To Study MBA In UK For Indian Students 2022

In the United Kingdom, there are more than 395 colleges and universities, making it the second-largest educational center globally. International recognition of UK degrees has helped many students get their ideal careers and start their businesses. For many international students, the MBA in the UK is one of the world’s most sought-after and highly regarded programs. Everything you need to know about pursuing an MBA in the UK for Indian students.

For Indian students, why should they pursue an MBA in the United Kingdom?

Britain is one of the world’s most important economies. As a result of its establishment, universities have made it their mission to provide their students with a thorough grounding in a certain discipline. If you’re looking for a master’s degree in business and administration, the United Kingdom is an excellent option, with several major advantages. MBA in UK for Indian students programs are a popular choice for students because of these key factors:


With a focus on theory and practice, MBA programs at UK colleges provide students with the skills and information they need to succeed in their careers. As a result of regular lectures and workshops by renowned business executives, students can learn from experts in their field, increasing their exposure and expertise.


Except for a few fundamental management courses, most of the MBA programs provided by UK institutions are one-year courses. As a result of this, students may get a high-quality education and obtain worldwide experience in a short amount of time.


Industry Connections It is one of the greatest benefits of getting an MBA in the United Kingdom that students have the opportunity to meet renowned industry experts and professionals at university-sponsored conferences, seminars, and events.


If you’re going to study abroad for an MBA, you’re going to have to deal with a lot of financial issues. Several colleges in the United Kingdom provide scholarships for students in need of financial assistance.

MBA in UK Eligibility

Admission to a business program in the United Kingdom requires students to complete the following fundamental requirements:


  • Secondary school education at a level equivalent to that of the United Kingdom
  • Provide the relevant school documents, transcripts, and certifications.
  • You must pass an English language proficiency test, such as the IELTS or TOEFL, to prove your fluency in English.
  • Accreditation from an accredited institution has the same level of education as a UK bachelor’s degree.
  • Some universities in the United Kingdom may need two years of work experience as a prerequisite.
  • Certain schools also use GMAT/GRE grades and scores to determine admissions decisions.

MBAs in the United Kingdom:

Indian students may expect to pay between £31,000 and £88,000 for a 12- to the 21-month intense research-based MBA program in the United Kingdom. It costs anything from INR 24 lakhs to INR 80 lakhs to study in the UK as an Indian student.


Students from India may get an MBA at a low cost in the United Kingdom.


There’s no need to abandon your dream of earning an MBA from a prestigious university in the United Kingdom just because the cost seems prohibitive. For overseas students who want to pursue an MBA in the United Kingdom, here is a list of some of the country’s best and most well-known institutions.

The process of applying for an MBA in the United Kingdom:

All universities worldwide follow the same standard of paperwork and procedures when applying for admission, and the UK is no exception. Students from India may use the following instructions to get through the admissions process for an MBA program in the United Kingdom:

Popular MBA Scholarships for Indian Students in the UK:

The expense of studying abroad, especially for an internationally recognized degree like an MBA, might be prohibitively high. How would you feel if you knew that scholarships are available to help you pay for your education? So, we’ve put together an extensive list of the most prominent and high-ranking MBA scholarships in the United Kingdom, which are provided by some of the country’s best business schools and non-profit organizations.


  • The India Society of Oxford and Cambridge Universities Scholarship
  • Financial Sumo’s Scholarship Program for the Education of Young People.
  • There are scholarships available via the Charles Wallace Indian Trust
  • The Hornby Fellowship
  • Scholarships at Chevening
  • The Go Clean Scholarship
  • EXCELLENT Scholarships
  • Scholarships from the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom
  • Scholarships at Inlaks
  • Scholarships for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
  • Scholarship for India from Rhodes
  • BrokerFish Scholarships for International Students

An MBA in the United Kingdom that Includes a Work Placement:

You can obtain a better job with an MBA, but that doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your ideal job when you’re ready to work full-time with it. Studies suggest that combining an MBA degree with job experience in the business world, whether in an internship or even a sandwich course, gives students a leg up on their future employment. Some of the best institutions in the UK that provide MBA programs and work internships to students are listed below.


  • Universitas Greenwich
  • The University of West London.
  • In the city of Coventry is the University of Leicester.
  • The University of London’s Royal Holloway College of Arts and Sciences
  • Sheffield In Edinburgh, the University of Edinburgh and the University of Napier
  • Central University of Lancashire
  • Northampton University
  • Ealing Borough College
  • South Wales University of Technology (STU)
  • The University of Wales Cardiff Metropolitan

Without prior work experience, you may pursue an MBA in the United Kingdom.

Recent college grads are eager to take on leadership roles to further their careers. The following is a list of some of the most well-known UK colleges that offer MBA programs to Indian students without previous job experience:


  • Coventry College
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • Northampton University
  • Ealing Borough College
  • Anglican University of Anglian Ruskin
  • Ceredigion Metropolitan University and Bedfordshire University
  • The University of Derby is a university in Staffordshire.
  • South Wales University of Technology (STU)
  • Universitas Greenwich
  • The University of West London.
  • Central University of Lancashire
  • The University of Teeside
  • A university named after York St. John
  • Liverpool University Swansea The John Moores College
  • It is Glyndwr University
  • The Sunderland University

UK MBA programs for Indian students without GMAT

Many students are asking whether they may get an MBA in the United Kingdom without taking the GMAT. Certain well-known colleges in the UK offermost MBA programs to Indian students without the GMAT!


  • University of Reading
  • University of Central Lancashire
  • Birmingham City Business School
  • Middlesex University
  • Lancaster University Management School
  • Durham University Business School
  • Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University
  • Warwick School of Business, University of Warwick
  • University of Edinburgh
  • HULT International Business School- London

Visa and Salary for an MBA in the UK

f you enroll in a 12-month MBA program in the United Kingdom, your student visa will be valid for 16 months. You might earn up to INR 85 lakhs to INR 1 crore per year in respected Indian organizations after earning an MBA from one of the top UK universities. You may extend tier 4 visas for students who want to stay in the UK after finishing their MBA by applying for sponsorship from top UK schools.


This was all about getting an MBA in UK for Indian students. Do you want to study in the United Kingdom ( link to ) ? Then contact specialists, offer most, and they’ll get you to the UK so that you may get an MBA or any other degree there.


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