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Challenges you face when you study abroad

Challenges you face when you Study Abroad

Going to get an education abroad is as challenging as it is exciting. While some of these pit stops are learning opportunities, others are just unavoidable. You can never be sure about what comes next in your life, but you can at least be prepared for it. 

Here are some common realisations and struggles every international student goes through when they study in foreign country.

1. Homesickness

Homesickness is an inevitable phenomenon. You can feel homesick in various ways; you can miss the sound of your neighbourhood, the smell of your room, the warmth of your family, and the fun time with friends. You cannot escape the feeling, and honestly, you should not try to escape. Embracing nostalgia is the only way to move ahead in life. Reminisce on the memories of your home while you create new memories in your new country. Talk to your family and friends whenever you miss them. Make new friends, explore the surroundings, and experience how miles away you can find a similar warmth and smell just like your home.

2. Financial Difficulties

Studying abroad isn’t easy on your wallet. That’s what students are concerned about the most.  From tuition fees to daily expenses, you have to watch every penny while studying far from home. You can look for pocket-friendly options to study abroad and apply for study abroad scholarships or sponsorships to pursue your overseas education dream. Look into student-friendly accommodation options, transportation, and food facilities thoroughly before selecting your college. Start keeping tabs on your expenditures and cut down on unnecessary spending. You can find a part-time job to support your finances while studying. Make sure to set aside some reserve cash in case of emergencies. 

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3. Independent Living

Since the cost of domestic help is high when you study overseas, you are bound to do your chores on your own.  It is a little tough since, as Indian students studying abroad, we are not accustomed to all this because of the joint family system. We learn to cook, clean, and even do laundry. Managing these chores with studies is sure a lot, but with a little timetable, you can manage it all smoothly. You can find accommodations that provide free laundry or mess facilities to ease your independent living.

4. Outsider Feeling

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”

It is natural to feel out of place in a new environment, but what’s important is to not let that feeling overpower your social life. You are bound to feel left out while hanging with your local friend from college, but try to dive into their culture and learn their language so that you can adapt and have a wonderful and memorable foreign education experience. Every place has a different culture and lifestyle, so try to reach out and blend in. You will soon grow to feel more of a native this way.

5. Facing Climate Uncertainties

You did extensive research for your foreign study plans and packed your bags accordingly, but still, you can never be sure of any natural phenomena. Make sure you are equipped with proper clothing and emergency items for a rainy day. Don’t forget your umbrella/ raincoat, boots, and jacket, just in case. Pack light and buy more clothes after you settle according to the weather. Make sure to carry your primary stock of homemade ladoos, snacks, and pickles too. 

Let’s not sugarcoat it; it’s not easy to live all alone and away from home, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It’s a unique experience, and you can’t let small inconveniences stop you from achieving your goals. You can always seek professional help from study abroad consultants if you are stuck in decision-making. Our expert counsellors at ORIENT SPECTRA, the top education consultants in India, will guide you and answer all your queries. 

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