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Benefits of World Education Fair


Foreign Education fairs are a setting many young people nowadays are familiar with. They are a great opportunity for students who wish to interact with as many study abroad universities as possible without having to browse through web pages of data individually. It doesn’t matter if you have attended many abroad education fairs or not, but there’s always something which feels missing.

Worry not as we are going to discuss some tips and tricks for you to implement as seamlessly as REGISTERING for the World Education Fair by Orient Spectra.


First Impressions

First and foremost, come prepared! Have a clarity of what you want and what you are seeking. Make sure you look up the universities present in the global education events beforehand. It not only helps build a good conversation but also helps you filter out the important details. It will also be helpful to bring a copy of your academic documents for FREE ON THE SPOT PROFILE ASSESSMENT. Ask as many queries as you have and leave no space for doubts.

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Be open to new ideas & explore

world education fair

Good preparation does not mean being closed-minded. The WORLD EDUCATION FAIR 2023 will feature universities for a wide range of courses including business and management, information technologies, humanities, and more. Although it is certainly a great idea to pre-select your preferred overseas universities and courses, it is just as important to stay open to other possibilities. A particular university may not be compelling enough on paper but, when you talk to their representative, they have exciting alumni stories to share or help you find a degree which fits your needs.

Flow free and easy

Feel free to dive into the busy environment and explore the stands of the participating abroad education universities as you like. Don’t shy away from shooting your shot. If you see that the university representative you are interested in is already chatting with someone else, simply join in the conversation and listen to what they have to say. There is nothing wrong in being proactive, but make sure to not interrupt. It is a good idea to stay aware of your surroundings and to accommodate yourself to each individual situation.

Track your time

One-on-One individual meetings in an education and career fair usually last 20 minutes and you cannot occupy the time and attention of one university endlessly, as you need to explore more options. If you notice that your conversation with a particular university is detailed and time consuming, you can always schedule a follow up meeting to continue it further. Having a list of questions in advance will also help you stay on the right track. Don’t forget to ask for the contact information of the representatives whom you met for follow up.

Connect with others

study abroad education fair

You will be surrounded by like-minded individuals in the international education fair, so take this opportunity to gather information & learn from their own experiences in education. You can discuss previous studies, choice of university or even career plans. Needless to say, this chit-chat will be resourceful in developing your overall networking skills and applying them throughout your professional career. Maybe you might meet a fellow student and make a future friend before even leaving the country. Learn to follow up and stay in touch with contacts you’ve made.


Don’t hesitate to attend the global education fair, the information and insight you will receive is highly beneficial while choosing your course, and country. You are now all geared up for attending the WORLD EDUCATION FAIR 2023 by Orient Spectra on March 11, 2023 only at Taj Deccan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. We are looking forward to seeing you there, beginning your education journey abroad. 🥳 


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